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About DwellTimer

DwellTimer is an Android Based App that allows you to document your wasted time

Why DwellTimer?

MAP-21 Legislation may enhance safety, but it is up to you to work within the rules to keep your business in the black!  

Dwell time is the largest drain on your profitability.

We bring a team of Global Transportation, Supply Chain and Software Leaders together to focus on eliminating waste.

Simple solutions to complex problems are our focus.  

Thus the DwellTimer app was created

How much do you earn sitting?

Wait time is costing the transportation industry over $1 billion  annually. The DwellTimer app makes sure YOU aren't paying the tab by providing independent, verifiable information on the time lost waiting. 

With a low "cost per reported transaction" model, using tools you already have, you recover the cost of wait time and encourage your shippers and receivers to improve their operations.

Beyond DwellTimer

Our team has over 75 years combined experience in global logistics, software development,  and visibility solutions for management of assets in motion.

DwellTimer is the first release in a planned series of simple, affordable tools designed to eliminate waste.


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