DwellTimer App Launched

What is DwellTimer?

MAP-21 changed the game for carriers.  If you are sitting, you aren't creating revenue.  Traditionally sitting time is lost because you can't prove it.  With DwellTimer you can!

How does it work?

If you have an Android cell phone, you have automatic GPS capability.  DwellTimer uses that GPS to start a DwellTimer "Track" when you arrive, document the time you spend there, then stop the track when you are ready to leave.  The data is stored on your phone and if you have gone over the allowed time, you can create a report that e-mails to an account you choose for billing.

Is it easy to learn?

What you see is the main screen.  There are 4 action buttons.

Account Maintenance - you enter the information you want to identify yourself.  You also can enter your DwellTime allowance (or zero to catch it all), then how often you charge for another time bucket, and the rate you charge.  Enter all three and it will create your DwellTimer billing report for you.

Edit Track Results - after you save a track, you can delete some of the GPS pings in the middle to clean it up.  You can't eliminate the first and last ping.  You also can't edit the GPS readings or add manual pings.  You can adjust the freeform information you entered when starting a Track.

Retrieve a Report - If you need to re-generate a report for some reason, you can access it from this button

and, finally

BEGIN A TRACK - this is where the action starts


Most of this information comes from your device

You have 3 fields you can use to put whatever information you need to identify the DewllTime event.

Google Maps Does the Rest

Your phone will display your location

Would you like a Photo?

Maybe a selfie with the manager of the receiving department is a bit much, but a picture is worth 1,000 words.  It documents where you are when you add a picture of the location.

Tap GO and you are off!

When the track is running

Hands Free

The track runs in the background while you are waiting to load or unload (or while you are on-site if you use DwellTimer as a timing device for work by the hour

What does DwellTimer do?

When you hit "GO"  DwellTimer starts the track by capturing your GPS location at that moment (called a 'ping')

Every 15 minutes you "dwell" at that location, DwellTimer takes another 'ping' and stores it

When you are done, you "STOP" and a final 'ping' completes the data file

when you stop the track

Once you have hit STOP

If you have not gone over your allowance, the device will tell you and delete the file.  If you want to keep all records, set your DwellTime Allowance to 0

Last step is a Billing Report

You can have the billing report emailed now, or retrieve it later.

Is there a cost to use DwellTimer?

You only pay if you use the reports.  Considering a common DwellTime rate can be $40 every 15 minutes, paying $6 ($7 if you include pictures) to capture this revenue in a form where you have no clerical effort to compile the money owed to you is much lower cost than manually converting log entries into billing reports.

The bILLLING report

Billing report

The Billing Report is available from the DwellTimer server.

Report Options

The report shows the detail time and GPS pings captured

When you 'save' you have the option to include pictures, or not

If you have pre-set billing parameters, the report generates the charges based on your settings

The report also displays a Google Maps rendition showing your GPS pings

The Result

With this report you have independent, actionable data showing your location and the time spent.

It is up to your billing team to settle with your shippers, but having data proving your time wasted is 90% of the battle

More About DwellTimer

Who is magrabbit?

About us

MagRabbit is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise based in Austin, TX.  DT Supply Chain Services LLC is the group within MagRabbit dedicated to simple, effective and low-cost solutions to take waste out of Logistics Operations or to help our clients access foreign markets that they can't reach on their own.

What else do you do?

In addition to App development for Android and Apple devices, DT Supply Chain Services LLC provides software development services for major packages such as Salesforce

If you need assistance creating import programs or consolidation programs overseas, our network can assist.

Do you want to tap into the Vietnam manufacturing explosion?  We can assist there too with native languaage fluency and contacts with the regional administrative units who can help you establish a footprint

We have Offices in Austin, Dallas and a software center of excellence in Da Nang, Vietnam