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Our Network of Consultants and Affiliates span the Globe

 Beyond app & Web  development and software support, our network provides physical logistics operations and Supply Chain services in Shanghai, the Netherlands, New England, VietNam and, of course, Texas 

"We are as flexible as water" in buidling solutions for our customers

Doing business internationally can be a challenge, but the payoff is there as the overseas markets and economies expand at a rapid pace

Software development & Business Process Outsourcing

 Vietnam is not only becoming the new 'factory of Asia' due to ASEAN Free Trade Agreements and investment by many of Asia's largest manufacturing companies, but Da Nang and Hue, in particular, are blossoming as software development centers that rival any in APAC. 

With our contacts and our history as a succesful foreign enterprise in Vietnam,  we are able to offer our clients advice on establishing manufacturing or other operations there.  Ask how we can assist.

Logistics Gateway to the EU

   For physical logistics serving the EU, the Netherlands offers Ocean, Air, Barge and Rail service with the fastest response time to the economic center of gravity of the EU  

Whether the EU, China, Domestic Operations or taking advantage of the expanding Vetnamese manufacturing economy is your goal, our team has been there and successfully executed the expansion time and again

Gateway to China

Shanghai is known as the business gateway to China.  Our logistics partner in Shanghai provides full service offerings on an agency basis.  DT Supply Chain Services LLC acts as a 4PL for our customers looking to take advantage not only of access to China, but also spend with us qualifies as Minority Business Enterprise Spend

Our team members have direct experience establishing in-country logistics solutions, and building export programs for those wishing to tap China's manufacturing resources or their rapidly expanding economy as market for your busines.

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